15 May2013

Mid-Century Modern House in Kent

Langford Rae O'Neill

Exceptional two storey house. Dynamic interlocking forms, expressed in a simple rectilinear geometry which emphasises the planar elements of the design. Broadly rectangular plan, with principle rooms on the projecting upper storey, and bedrooms on the lower storey, linked via circulation space in the core. Faced in brick and panels of weatherboard.

12 May2013

Mid-Century Modern House in Weybridge

Aston Mead

Type T2Ab house designed by Eric Lyons for Span. The Castle Green estate was completed in 1965 and comprises 22 houses on a 2.2 acre site grouped in short rows of terraces within a landscaped environment. Cars are relegated to the periphery of the scheme. Rectangular plan with projecting porch on front elevation. Clerestory roof. Flat facades of light coloured brick and glazing in a modern abstract geometric composition.

07 May2013

Mid-Century Modern House in Frimley

Bridges Estate Agents

Exceptional development designed by Lawrence Abbott and completed 1966-69. Cluster of eight strikingly expressive blocks arranged within communal grounds. Each block contains four houses. Notable use of a broader palette of geometric shapes than the rectilinear forms typical of the Mid-Century rational aesthetic. Pale grey brick and white mortar adds to the sense of sophistication and contrasts with the black window frames.

03 May2013

Mid-Century Modern House in Surrey


Designed in the mid 1970’s by Royston Summers, using a vocabulary similar to that of his work at North Several (1969), but executed on a grander scale. The development comprises a group of two storey dwellings set around a lake. The house is expressed as a cluster of simple geometric forms. Strong planar elements, and facades that lack pretence. Distinctive fenestration a signature of Summers.

30 Apr2013

Mid-Century Modern House in Dulwich


Two storey terraced house designed by Russell Vernon (Austin Vernon and Partners). Additive cubic form. Modernist flat roof. Asymmetric front elevation with bay window and projecting porch. Faced in brick with panels of weatherboard.