19 Feb2014

Mid-Century Modern Flat in Kent

Allen Heritage

Apex Close is an exceptional development by Derek Sharp Associates, completed 1967. Recipient of an Architectural Design Project Award in 1968. Two strikingly sculptural main blocks with smaller blocks at rear. Cluster of geometric forms, with distinctive cylindrical projections on side elevations. Faced in cream coloured brick with exposed painted concrete structural elements supporting upper storey projections. Modernist flat roof with broad cornice.

12 Feb2014

Mid-Century Modern House in North London

Benham & Reeves

Four storey townhouse designed by Howell & Amis, completed 1956. Set in a terraced row of six. Cross wall construction with brick partition walls, concrete floor plates, and glazed infill panels on front and rear elevations set in hardwood frames. Narrow rectangular plan, with circulation space in the core. Modernist flat roof. Exposed concrete floor plates pre-dates Stirling and Gowan’s more famous Langham House Close development by 2 years, though have subsequently been painted brown, detracting somewhat from the boldness of the original vision. Fortunately the cohesive of the design remains as the houses have not suffered the blight of ‘individualistion’.

06 Feb2014

Mid-Century Modern House in Kent

Hartley Estates

Designed by Eric Lyons for Span, Punch Croft was completed in 1968. The scheme comprises 140 Type K houses on a 15 acre site. Highly geometric forms set in terraced rows within a landscaped environment. Distinctive front elevation faced in vertical weatherboard, with contrasting horizontal window frames. Cross wall construction. Open rear elevation, with full height glazing on the ground floor for indoor/outdoor living. Brick flank walls. Flush eaves and sharp edge detailing. Confident, crisp and elegantly expressed.

28 Jan2014

Mid-Century Modern House in Oxfordshire


Two storey house on an irregular plan. Cross wall construction with flank walls faced in stone to add a vernacular accent to the composition. Monopitch roof over upper storey with flush eaves. Large glazed panels on rear elevation and contrasting weatherboard. Protruding balcony.

18 Jan2014

Mid-Century Modern Flat in North London

Day Morris

Southwood Park was designed by Douglas Stephen and Partners, and completed in 1965. The development, which is expressed in a simple cubic geometry which lacks pretence, comprises four 4-storey joined blocks and two 8-storey blocks which together enclose a communal garden, with swimming pool, at the rear. The 4 storey blocks turn their back on the road, presenting a rather austere facade of banded brick, clerestory glazing and painted concrete. The rear elevation is more expressive, with concrete balconies, concrete side panels, and large glazed panels describing recessed cubic forms, staggered down the slope of the incline.