Mid-Century Modern House in North London

12 Feb2014
Benham & Reeves

Four storey townhouse designed by Howell & Amis, completed 1956. Set in a terraced row of six. Cross wall construction with brick partition walls, concrete floor plates, and glazed infill panels on front and rear elevations set in hardwood frames. Narrow rectangular plan, with circulation space in the core. Modernist flat roof. Exposed concrete floor plates pre-dates Stirling and Gowan’s more famous Langham House Close development by 2 years, though have subsequently been painted brown, detracting somewhat from the boldness of the original vision. Fortunately the cohesive of the design remains as the houses have not suffered the blight of ‘individualistion’.

Property details and contact information available via UK property portals:

Area search: Hampstead, London (South Hill Park)
Price: £3,000,000